Before I attended the Perceptive Awareness Technique class, I was very apprehensive about it. After three days, I came out of the class without any apprehensions I had previously. I learned how to "clear the mind" and get into a meditative state as it was meant to be; something I had never done before. My teacher helped to eradicate all of the skepticism out of me as she prepared me for the required readings. My readings were better and smoother as time went on in the class. The PAT class stepped up my spiritual life and has prepared me for the future which would include being an IA.

Charles Cino
Retired Insurance Adjuster


I am very proud of the outcome of my class with Perceptive Awareness Technique. I use my skills for activating my intuition that I've learned with PAT carefully and almost every day. I have also learned new exercises that can improve every day living. By doing both of these things, I feel happier and healthier. I don't believe that PAT is a very hard class, but quite easy and interesting. I do believe though, that when learning and using the PAT procedure you must believe in yourself and in God. I know then that PAT will be very effective. Also, Connie Newton, the founder of PAT, will always make sure your instructor is a good, qualified person that has many years of experience and knows what exactly to teach and get from you. PAT is definitely something everyone should try to do to brighten his or her life.

Shannon Coyle
Scranton, PA


The Perceptive Awareness Technique has given me a rebirth, and awakened my soul. I believe PAT has changed the present course of my life to one which is more in tune with my spiritual destiny. I cannot begin to express the anticipation and confidence with which I now embrace life. I know PAT will help to make me a better mother, daughter, and friend.

Zina Fernandez, M.A., Ed.
Bronx, New York


The PAT class has helped me to understand and trust my inner feelings.
I am more confident in listening to my "inner voice."

Loretta Kloog
Darien, Illinois